Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sixth Sunday of Easter

When Jesus was preaching and healing many people wanted to touch Him and I am sure that many couldn't do it. There were limits in the flesh of Jesus. His flesh couldn't reach many that wanted to. Our Lord is coming with a solution. He asked to the Apostles: pray for another Paracletos in Greek, Advocatos in Latin, Paráclito in Spanish, lawyer in English. Someone strong, wise and someone that is friend, one that never abandons and has Power to Save, Jesus meant to say: I am the first one, but the second, The Holy Spirit will be able to touch you in ways that you can’t imagine, He will remind you of all that I have taught you. Right after His resurrection this was a reality "Receive The Holy Spirit and then… make disciples…" (Mt 28:19). We have the great Mission to be messengers… In our case The Messengers are the Message. If He was strong enough to Forgive and Save the ones crucified Him and the Disciples that deny Him, Today we need to trust that He Is Strong Enough to Save!

In every process with the law, we always want and need a good lawyer, someone who knows the laws and someone that is strong enough to defend us. With Jesus on our side, there is no adversary or enemy that can defeat us.
Lord, as I begin this prayer I offer you my whole self: my thoughts, desires, decisions, actions, hopes, fears, weaknesses, failures and petty successes. I open my entire being to you, aware that you know everything already. I’m certain of your mercy and of the purifying power of your penetrating, loving gaze. Lord, I want to believe in your personal and passionate love for me.

Jesus, help me to believe in you and your love. Imprint your love very deeply onto my heart. I want to remain in your love always. I want to remain in the love of the Father and the Holy Spirit, but I need your strength and grace. Help me to set aside anything that displeases you, Amen.

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