Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fift Sunday of Easter: Importance of Paryer and preaching of the Gospel

The early Church was not an ideal situation. They had conflicts and difficulties from the inside. Today this fits, as we say in Peru, like the ring to the finger. Today we experience, also, that where we have human beings we have also as part of the same combo. Even though they had miracles, they also had preferences, clicks, etc. The intervention of the Apostles is beautiful. They are led by the Holy Spirit, our Pope, bishops and priests, in a wise way.
The problems of today cannot occupy all our attention. Above everything; administration, problems of any kind, envy, gossip… The shepherds need to always see the whole picture. That is why the Apostles knew that the great mission of prayer and preaching was reserved for them; the closeness to Our Lord and the proclamation of His word. I have seen parishes and prayer groups that; out of the busyness of problems, various discussions and the lack of prayer and preaching ended badly.
We need to give time to talk about problems and find solutions together, but we need to be careful of talking too much and not letting Him talk. I know brave parents and college students that have had the courage to turn off the TV, computer and cellphones to be able to find a time of sharing with their family members and friends. In this month of May, let us take our time to meditate with the rosary, the mysteries of the life of Christ. My brothers and sisters, we have talked too much in our lives, what if we really let God, the Holy Spirit, and the Son speak today, and after that we let our lives speak of what was heard. Meanwhile repeat this prayer with me: Lord, I am here, right here, and I have work to do. Some of today’s tasks don’t excite me; however, I will do them for you. In those moments of my day when I don’t feel you, I wait. I know you are coming.

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