Sunday, May 8, 2011

Emmaus: Walking with the Lord… and Not Realizing It

The way to Emmaus is a symbol of a defeated people. It is a clear disappointment and dispersion of the hopeless disciples. They represent all of the ones that were encouraged to see life in a different way, through the eyes of Jesus and then, astonished because of His cross they cannot find other things to do but to escape form the place where all that happened. Like us sometimes when we are part of something (work, school, parish, group of friends, sports, club, projects) that promise success, a great future and opportunities… Just like those disciples, when we experience bad news, to many obstacles, situations or people that make it hard, our tendency will be to try to be somewhere else and start fresh and far from those bad memories. Like in sports:  nobody want to be part of the looser team.
Jesus found them and he didn’t want to be recognized by them in the beginning as a way to respect their freedom, as a way to appeal to their intelligence, memory and will. What an act of mercy it is to spend time in others ways of life (in the life of other people that are not necessarily near to us by blood or friendship). How easy it is to just take care of my own self (me, myself and I and forget about what the others are passing through)... What a beautiful act of mercy of the Heart of Jesus that He didn't abandoned those who were abandoning Him toward Emmaus from Jerusalem.
Jesus explains the Scriptures. He is making a road with them, not only a physical and external way, but more important, the interior way of each of them, the way that goes from darkness to light; from desolation to hope, from desperation to peace, from defeated lives to victorious future. This is precisely what Jesus wants to continue doing in His Catholic Church, At our Community of St. Mark and School and of course in each one of us.
 Don't be disappointed even if you others disappoint you. Probably Jesus is probably going to walk faster than them or faster than you and His grace will overshadow your life. The next step is going to be up to you with His grace: Go and make disciples, baptize them in the Name of the Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit (Mt. 28, 19). Like we said to the first communicants: Ite Incidite mundum (go, set the world on fire with the love of Christ) bring the flame of Jesus’ love, even if it is a small one, to the hearts of many, and thus reopening the places of faith of our time. 
This is what the early Christians and the saints have in mind after receiving the Catholic Faith and The Sacraments: His responsibility to share this wonderful news with the whole world.
 Lord Jesus, walk by my side. Open up my person to the meaning of Scripture and the events of life. Make my heart burn within me with your words. I need to dwell more often on the good you have done for us and on your promises to those who put their trust in you

Lord Jesus, walk by my side and stay with me. Open up my heart and mind to the meaning of The Holy Scriptures and the events of life where you will like to find me. Make my heart burn within me with your words, Amen.

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