Sunday, September 4, 2011

Welcome to St. Marks All of you College Students in the Neighborhood

To all of our friends at Saint Mark's,

My name is Daniel Carr; I recently graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a degree in political science.  This past Easter season I became engaged to my future wife Rebecca Theisen and recently returned from a summer abroad in Italy.  During our years at St. Thomas we have really enjoyed attending Mass here at Saint Mark's.  It is a beautiful Church that holds a lot of promise for the future and the community.

We have been impressed by the work of Father Humberto and the brothers. It is very exciting to see how passionate and dedicated they are to the future of this Parish.  In talking to them, we have seen that they have an incredibly positive outlook for the future of Saint Mark's and the Church and have many great ideas about how to further expand the mission of Saint Mark's and evangelize the community.

With that said, the work here is far from over. Although the life of the Parish is coming alive again, it is just in the process of being revived and revitalized. There is much work that still needs to be done. So, always continue improving and making the Saint Mark's family stronger and more united through prayer and community outreach. Give back to the Parish and the community selflessly, and serve first and foremost for others and the personal rewards will come along with that. Reach out to the outside community, continue fighting the good fight, and the great Parish of Saint Mark's will continue to grow stronger and stronger.

Rebecca and I consider ourselves blessed to be a part of the Saint Mark's family, no matter where we are geographically. We ask for your prayers as we prepare for our marriage next fall and that we may continue to grow in our journey and remain followers of Christ.

Daniel Carr and Rebecca Theisen

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