Saturday, September 3, 2011

Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

My brothers and sisters the readings today talk about a healthy community and how to bring back a community that is lacking of good health. What can we do when evil or sin comes to our community. What can we do when we see error, sin, problems, and darkness in the lives of others?

Saint Augustine once said: ”We are not merciful if we don't correct the bad in others when we can do it”. Individualism sometimes unauthorized us to talk to others. There is a wrong idea that nobody should say anything to anyone that is doing wrong.
“Mind your own business” is a very common expressions at work, with friends (even with good ones), and even with family members. It is getting so difficult to be able to give advise or correct co-workers, friends and even to members if your family. Will you say to one of the ones that work with you: "hey David, I really think that the alcohol is destroying your life" or "I really think that you affective disorder is not going to lead you to success or joy"

My question is if the gospel we have heard is going to be well received from anyone in today's individualistic society in where everyone has their own private and untouchable world. Who wants to be corrected and who wants to correct when there are so many chances to be rejected or sometimes even sued?

Having said all of this, I will make a suggestion to all of us. Now that we realize that there are few that are willing to accept a fraternal correction. What if we try to be those who are willing to receive corrections. Those that are willing to change the way they see things and accept the will of God.

If you are like me and we have stony hearts, lets ask the Lord with His grace, to open our hearts so that when He speaks and corrects may we can remember that at the same time He consoles and teaches.

Lord, make me a person that can receive corrections. Help me to listen to the voice of my parents, son, daughter, wife… the word that I didn’t want to hear, the question that I didn’t like specially from the ones that I think have less knowledge than me.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, help me to be attentive to the inspirations of your Holy Spirit. This day may be filled with many challenges and activities but throughout them all I invite you to be with me. Lord, you taught us to gather together in prayer. Grant your Church greater unity and charity. Help us to help each other. Give us the humility to be open to correction. I believe that your love will triumph

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