Saturday, September 10, 2011

Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Should you not have had pity on your fellow servant, as I had pity on you?

 St. Catherine of Siena once was praying in front of a Crucifix and with the help of the Holy Spirit Holy Spirit said: Lord How come, I am the thief and you are condemned? My brothers and sisters the art of forgiving others lies in knowing and acknowledging that we are forgiven. We are mistaken when we start to take count of the circumstances, motives and intentions of the one that harmed us... this is just going to add more resentment and hatred will seep into our soul for the one who offended us. Forgiveness won't come from there.

 Jesus will show us a different way: "Others have debts with you; I know...but let's talk about your debts. Let's talk about the love that I had and have for you when I die on the cross. From there you'll be able to bring the capacity for and the grace to pardon and forgive". That, my brothers and sisters is what we need to pray for today.

 The man in the Gospel Mt 18, 15-20; couldn't pay, yet God forgave him. The total amount that he owed was what Galilee owed Rome in 15 years. People knew what Jesus was saying. We can't pay and yet there is someone that pays for us with the infinite price of His own blood. Lord, God, teach us the value of the Blood of Christ and captivate us, so that our bitterness may find the right proportion.

 The man in the Gospel knew that his debt was forgiven, but he couldn't see who paid for it.  Maybe that is why he was not compassionate with the person that owed him less. We know, my brothers and sisters, who paid our debt, 1 Peter 18, 19.  If someone were to really acknowledge the price that was paid, they would not pay much attention to other offenses and problems. God wants us to have a balance between being realistic and merciful. Why? Because this is the way He acts with us.

 What if we make this Eucharist a fount of pardon? What if someone has something against his brother, husband, wife, Dad, Mom, co-worker?  Ask God for the grace to better understand the price of the blood that is going to be offered on this altar. Ask for the grace to love the Life we will receive. Now, notice the disproportionate debt you have and the huge debt you are about to be forgiven if you approach the Sacraments that we have, especially the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Heavenly Father, I believe you are watching over me during this time of prayer, and I thank you for your constant protection. I trust in you because you are a loving Father who loves me at every moment. I know you are always ready to forgive my small and great offenses.
Lord Jesus, I thank you for your infinite goodness and mercy. You know I am a sinner in such need of your forgiveness. Instill in my heart the desire to be merciful to those around me and to be always ready to forgive them as you are always ready to forgive me.

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