Friday, March 21, 2014

Emmaus (Luke 24; 29)

Emmaus is a tremendous symbol of what often happens to us as disciples. Is a symbol of failure, dispersion, disappointment, the end of any hope that things can be better. The2 disciples that leave Jerusalem are an image of all the ones that were looking for Jesus as the leader that would free them from their enemies... Now they are scared because they cant see beyond the cross, they are unable to see other logical option than to run away and escape... They thought they were paying the consequences of dreaming of a better world.

Jesus approached them... He pretended that He didn't know anything... He started to walk with them; He started to be their companion, like a friend that comes to the help of two men that were mourning in their souls. God, how merciful you are! What a friend, one doesn't abandon those who abandon Him. What a wonderful God that seeks the face of those that are turning their backs on Him.

Jesus explained to them the Holy Scriptures... He walks with them... Not only physically walk with them... But especially "the interior way that brings them from darkness to light... From desolation that paralyzes to hope that revitalizes. In the same way Jesus continues His work of salvation by walking with us His people. We cannot fall into hopelessness even if we keep seeing our misery and that of other disciples. It is possible, there is the hope that even if any of us are not accepting to walk with Him… Eventually He may find us with the power of His grace.  

They recognized Him at the breaking of the bread. This is a unique gesture of love from our Lord Jesus Christ. It must have been Him... Nobody breaks bread like That, nobody thanks God like Him, nobody blesses the bread like Jesus. What a blessing to belong to His Church. Rejoice with Him my brothers and sisters. Rejoice at His real presence, at every mass... 

And remember, no matter how bad things look. He can write straight with crocked lines. He can use even our sins to bring us to forgiveness and reconciliation with Him and with one another. Today is Friday and we prepare during this Lenten Season for that Friday when all our enemies will be defeated... We Catholics live this encounter with the Redeeming Body and Blood of Our Lord in His real presence here.

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