Friday, June 29, 2012

Procrastinator... Thinking it through out loud...preaching to the choir :-)

I'm such a procrastinator. Is tomorrow really the deadline for our Team of 650 - GiveMN? Fiscal year end...can it be on a weekend? I guess so!

I saw that the members of the Finance Committee are challenging us all. They are setting the example by giving another $200. I guess that If we are half way to the goal, then if we all gave the same amount again, we'd be there. Decision time.

So, I'm asking myself what to do here. Thinking out loud.

Can our family do this right now? Should we? What about all the debt we have taken on for the kids' college educations? For the house? How can we justify giving more when we owe so much?

Who knows about the economy and what if it tanks again? And what if Peter loses his job? Or I do?

So it's mostly fear that catches me.

In our specific situation, we can cover another $200 from our accounts. Probably some folks really can't. But we are so blessed at the moment. We can. I buy pretty much whatever looks good at the grocery store. We have a vacation planned for a week up north. We are comfortable. But still the debt fear gives me pause.


Then I think about how much St. Mark's means to me. I ask would I feel if we lost....
Rory's glorious organ playing?
Cindy steadily advancing us into the semi-professional realm as a choir?
Judy ministering to the shut-ins?
Sharon wisely administering?
And the school educating our precious, precious children?
And our beautiful priests ministering all the sacraments to us?
Our Adult Bible Study, the Catholicism Project and other great adult education we have going? I've learned so much this year!

Then there is the shelter for the homeless.
The kids at pre-school learning to play together well.
Seeing Father speak to them at daily Mass about what he is doing so that they can learn who Jesus is.
Praying for each other in difficulties.
Bringing meals when someone is sick.
Giving blessed prayer shawls to my loved ones in crisis.

St. Mark's is a place where I belong.
I feel at home here. Needed. Supported. Cared for. Loved.
It's a place where I can give of my energy, time and talents and make a difference.

I am so grateful to be a member of this community.

Hmmm....guess I've convinced myself. So, I guess I'll click on the link below and donate at least as much extra as we did before.

Thanks for helping me think this through. If you are a fellow procrastinator, you might want to look at "the books" (or online bank statement) and make a decision, too - pronto.

Here's the link to make an online donation. Or go to the website.

I sure hope we can continue to build up this amazing community that we call home. Life is short. Better get busy.

Saints Peter and Paul, pray for us.

Love ya!

St. Mark's Parishioner

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