Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Today’s readings are inviting us to take a look at our lives. What are we doing with our time? Which means what are we doing with our lives? To live is to pay attention to our talents and how we are administering them.
In Mt 25: 14-30 we see a man that has this same response to the servant that gains two as to the ones that gain five: “Well done, my good and faithful servant…  Come; share your master's joy”.  Why?
For God, what matters is to multiply our talents, to use them.

An empty life, a life without meaning is represented in the Gospel with the ones that haven’t done anything with their talents.  There are many people living like that. They worry too much, focusing on what life can give to them, but not on the talents that they have received and how they can multiply them to serve others. There is a law in spiritual realm: the more you give of your talents the more you multiply them.
First Lesson: God doesn’t care of the amount of work, but the quality of it. God is the owner of the universe. And what is quality: everything, all your talents.
Second Lesson: Don’t live only concerned about things in this world. Your talent could be infertile for the next life.
Teach me, Lord, to take all that you have given me and make it produce fruit for your kingdom.
Lord, give me the grace and love to work for your kingdom with all the talents that you have given me. Let me return them all to you with real fruits for your kingdom.

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