Thursday, July 20, 2017

Consecration to Mary at @ St. Mark

I want to invite each of you to prepare with me for consecration (or a renewal of your consecration) to Our Lady, on August 22nd, the Queenship of Mary.  Each day for our 33 days of preparation, I'll post the intention and prayer for the day, to help you remember  To learn more, I invite you to visit the St Mark's website for information on how to access the full "33 Days to Morning Glory" retreat for free, through

create an account by using our code: XPDYVT

Go menu:

1-to study

2-faith formation

3-scroll down until you find the group retreat :)

and give your life to Jesus through the Immaculate heart of Mary

I'll be sharing Dayli on Facebook and website on the pastor blog some of the insights and prayers

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