Friday, February 7, 2014

Family First Friday Homily

Today we celebrate The Memorial of The Sacred Heart Of Jesus. The Heart formed in the womb of The Blessed Virgin Mary and pierced with the lance on Calvary; The Heart burn of Divine Love and desire to enkindle the whole world with that flame of love. This Heart is looking for those who labor and are burden, because He wants to refresh them… but oh surprise it faces the ingratitude of men. The Sacred Heart of Jesus is the fount of all virtue, all joy and all strength and is worthy of all our love, dedication and devotion and all of this is necessary especially today. Venerable Pius the XII said the Devotion to The Sacred Heart is the foundation on witch to build the kingdom of God, and also the hearts of individuals, families and nations… so we see how necessary this devotion is today. Today we find ourselves into the culture of death, witch is really the kingdom of satan… so in order to transform this culture of death into a culture of life-kingdom of God we need to build upon the foundation: the devotion to The Sacred Heart and establish The Kingdom of God in the hearts of individuals, families and then finally nations.

Practically speaking what is devotion or spirituality of Jesus consist? Well, one of the best and most famous forms is the home enthronement; taking an image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and celebrate the approve rite to enthrone our Lord as King of your family, King of your home… in doing so we can establish the social reign of Christ in the world family by family and home by home.

Another popular form of devotion or participation of the spirituality of The Sacred Heart of Jesus is the one of the practice of the 9 first Fridays, the communion of reparation, because participation in this spirituality involves this aspect of reparation. This Scared Heart is being wounded with thorns by the ingratitude of men as He said to Margaret Mary Alacoque.

Another way is The Holy Hour. The Sacred Heart of Jesus asks an hour of Adoration and reparation on Thursdays. 

Another one is by praying The Litany of The Sacred Heart, witch describes all the virtues and aspects of The Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Our final goal brothers and sisters should be to love and adore The Sacred Heart of Jesus with the same love and adoration of The Immaculate Heart of Mary, the same love of our Lady’s Immaculate Heart has for The Sacred Heart of Jesus; the same adoration that She has for His humanity and divinity. That is what we should strive to do, especially in The Eucharist.

Lets ask our Lady to help us, to guide us, to inspire us to love The Heart of Her Son with the same love that She has in Her Immaculate Heart, Amen.

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