Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time:

We have heard that a prophet is the one that predicts things in the future. Even though some of the writings attributed to Moses contain references to things in the future, for instance, 'What would happen if Israel became unfaithful?', it doesn't seem that is Moses' main mission with the people of Israel.

What we can say about a prophet that is more accurate, is that what they say about the future is important because their message is very similar to the way God sees things. The intention is not to predict the future, but to show the will of God which is sometimes is not according to our plans.

The way prophets and Moses said things was not just "this is what God wants" it is more "this is what God wants because He loves us". The commandments of God will be just impositions if we do not know about His love for us that frees us, of His tenderness that is powerful and of His wisdom that surpasses ours. 

Moses did a good job showing this to the people of Israel. My brothers and sisters it is our mission to do it in our parish. There are so many people that still think God gives orders and gives commandments as prohibitions only and not in a positive way. We have a loving and caring "God with us" at St. Marks especially through Perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

Lord, I long to put you first in my life. It is easy to get caught up in daily activities. But you are not just another activity: you are my Lord and my God. I do believe in you, but I know that I need to believe in you more strongly. I do love you, but I must still strive to love you more than I love myself and my plans. I wish to offer you the best of myself right now in this time of conversation with you.

Lord, may I understand that you are the truth. May I love you as Truth-made-incarnate in my heart.

Lord, you know how easily I excuse myself from meeting your demands for my life. I do so even while knowing that when I fulfill them I always discover new strength, hidden energy and untapped resources of love within me. Help me to give myself to you in love, to meet your demands, and to experience the power of grace unleashed within me.

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