Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fourth Sunday of Advent : “For with God nothing is impossible” Lk 1, 37

 The first two weeks of Advent we have the prophet Isaiah as a guide. The third John the Baptist was there to help us to prepare the way to The Lord. This fourth and last week of Advent we have Mary as our model of faith and promptness to respond to the call of God.

I want to invite you to learn from our Mother how to receive Salvation and then how to share that great gift with others and how that needs to be the source of all our apostolate.

In our case it is not an Angel anymore that announces the coming of our Lord. From the apostles, the Catholic Church, our parishes we receive Salvation. It is precisely through that offer, with hearts molded as the Heart of Mary, that we receive Salvation and incarnate Christ so t that we can offer the Life of Christ to the world.

Everything that the Angel said to Mary in the annunciation is alive and valid today. We continue proclaiming it. It is available for all.

Blessed Virgin Mary, teach us to learn your silence and your words always at the right time, you humility, your audacity, your prudence, your unique way to offer yourself to God and your perfect disposition.

With you Mary, help us to listen to the great news: “For with God nothing is impossible” (Lk 1, 37) and then with your help we will believe that God can also make our lives and our hearts open like yours as many other blessings are going to be received.

Faith, faith is what I need to learn from you and that is why Elizabeth your cousin made a complement of you because you believed God, because you trusted Him.

How much do you want to believe in the Lord? Are you going to put limits on your faith?

My brothers and sisters if you find limits, ask Mary’s intercession so that you can receive a faith without limits.

 Mary, teach me how to do God’s will as you did, so that I can remain in his company. I want to do his will, even though at times I know that it may seem difficult or impossible. Ask your son for the grace of perseverance for me so that I, too, may cooperate with the Lord, whether he is asking something of me that is ordinary or extraordinary.

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