Sunday, August 14, 2011

Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Today in the readings ( ), we have the chance to meditate about a reality that repeats itself often: The people from inside and those from the outside; the first ones being those with rights and the second ones being those that are excluded, almost like in a club (members and non-members). The readings today are important because we see that God always takes part with the outsiders. In Egypt, for example, Pharaoh was the one that was thought to have all the rights and the Hebrews were the outsiders.

The woman in the Gospel is an outsider to the Hebrews, but that was not the reason why Jesus was not helping her right away. The reason was because Jesus’ mission on earth was not to stop the sufferings of people; He was sent to announce the Kingdom of God.  First to the people of Isrsel because of God's promise and then to those with hearts open to accept the Good News.

In other words Jesus wanted to make sure that the first character in the healing and miracle needed to be THE POWER OF GOD to those that really believe. An easy encounter with Jesus and an easy healing are not exactly the place to recognize God’s power.  The slow process in the case of the woman of the gospel can be for us a catechesis on the action of God in our lives. It won't be an answer from God until we recognize that there is only one God and that His glory is going to be manifested if we give Him control over our lives. For this a heroic faith is needed.

I believe in you, my God. You called me into existence from nothingness and carefully watch over me. You have even numbered the hairs of my head. I trust in your infinite goodness, and I abandon into your loving hands my fears, my hopes, my needs, my desires, everything. I love you, Lord, and I wish to love you with all my heart, mind, soul and strength.
Lord, grant that these moments of conversation with you will build my trust in your power.
Sacred Heart of Jesus, too often I have given up on prayer without really trying, convinced that you don’t listen to me. I am sorry for judging you. Help me persevere in asking you for the good things I need. Help me overcome any shame or human respect, so that I can increase my faith, hope and love for you.

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